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About the Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Canada

In The Beginning
In the beginning, there was the Canadian Pony Society. As the interest in the Welsh breed increased, the membership of the Canadian Pony Society included a large proportion of Welsh owners.

Striking Out
In 1979 the Welsh group decided to strike out on their own and leave the Canadian Pony Society; the Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Canada was born. The Canadian Pony Society still exists and registers Shetland, Polo, Dartmoor, Fell, Highland, New Forest, and other pony breeds.

Keeping Records
The records that make up the Stud Book and the Transfers of Ownership of Welsh ponies and Cobs are kept by the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation in Ottawa, Canada. A lot of information may be found on their website. They have a list of members of the Society, and information about all the Welsh ponies and cobs registered in Canada since the first two who were imported. They were numbered 1M and 1F and were born in 1907.

Getting Together
Once a year, members meet for the Annual General Meeting. This is preceded by a meeting of the Directors and the Committees. After the AGM, at which the next year’s Board of Directors is elected, the new Board meets to elect its officers and executive and set their course for the coming year.

The AGM was held in a different location each year, alternating between eastern and western Canada, and was normally held in April. With the current technology, the AGMs are being held electronically. Please look for details on the upcoming AGM in Latest News.

Members may vote ahead of time on any Proposed Amendments to the Constitution and on Directors. Those who are able to attend the meeting can take part in discussions and cast their votes from the floor. The host group provides for visits to nearby pony breeders and interesting sites. Although primarily a business meeting, the AGM provides an opportunity for members to meet and talk to other Welsh breeders and owners. It is an enjoyable social event and plenty of time is allowed for visiting with old friends and making new ones.