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Canadian Livestock Records

The Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC) is a national pedigree service for purebred and non-purebred  livestock in Canada. This private, non-profit organization holds the WPCSC pedigrees. Among other things, listed on the CLRC website are the following:

  • Welsh pedigrees and lists of progeny
  • WPCSC member information (directory)
  • WPCSC members’ ponies and cobs
  • Registration papers
  • Transfer papers
  • more?


Prior to 1900, pedigree registration was carried out on a provincial basis across Canada and was in a state of confusion. In 1900 there was an Act of Parliament passed that allowed for associations to exercise their powers and responsibilities through a common body and to allow for the Department of Agriculture to place its seal on certificates of registration.

In 1904, there was a meeting in Ottawa between the Honourary Sydney Fisher, Minister of Agriculture for Canada, and F.W. Dodson, the Dominion Live Stock Commissioner, which resulted in the formation of a National Live Stock Association. This body would complete membership and pedigree registrations for all incorporated associations across Canada according to the Constitutions of those associations.

CLRC and Welsh Ponies & Cobs

When Welsh Ponies were first imported into Canada, they were registered under the umbrella of the Canadian Pony Society, which was an incorporated association member of Canadian National Live Stock Records. In the mid 1970s, members and breeders of Welsh were disenchanted with the relationship with Canadian Pony Society and decided to form The Welsh Pony Society of Canada. As it happened, Welsh Cobs had been imported for a few years, and they were not registered under the Pony Society umbrella, so it was decided to merge the registrations of Welsh Ponies and Welsh Cobs, and so, in 1979, the Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Canada was born.

As the Society was still in the process of getting organized, the decision was made to continue processing the registrations and memberships with CLRC and that continues to this day, with no change in the relationship being considered.

Who is CLRC?

Described by CLRC, “Canadian Livestock Records Corporation is the national pedigree service for purebred and non-purebred livestock in Canada. We are a private non-profit organization that has been serving the Canadian livestock industry continuously since 1905. The organization is incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act, which is federal legislation that regulates the keeping of all animal pedigree records in Canada. The various breed associations are also incorporated under the same Act, and any association so incorporated may become a member of CLRC. There are approximately fifty member associations for which records are being maintained.”

Contact CLRC
2417 Holly Lane
Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 0M7
Tel: (Toll Free) 1-877-833-7110 or 613-731-7110
Fax: 613-731-0704

All pedigrees for WPCSC registered Welsh & Half Welsh ponies can be found online at:
Canadian Livestock Records Corporation: Welsh Pony Division

*NEW Feature*
CLRC Pedigree Photos
The WPCSC has created a new pedigree feature with the CLRC. Each Welsh Pony & Cob page will now be able to display one photograph along with the current pedigree information.

Here is an example page for your reference.

  • There is a charge of $10 CAD + GST per photo submitted
  • Ponies must be minimum 2 years of age in order for a photo to be allowed
  • All ponies twenty years of age or older will have their photos added free of
  • Only one photograph will be allowed per pony
  • The WPCSC would prefer to accept conformation shots only and each pony
    must be clean and presentable in the photo
  • If a photo was taken by a Professional Photographer, permission must be
    granted for photo use and photographer information submitted with your
  • If, at a later date, you want to change the current photo, there is an additional
    charge of $10 CAD + GST
  • Photos MUST be submitted by email only and sent to the WPCSC Web Master at along with the pony’s registered name and
    registration number. Please make sure to downsize your photos to 200k or less
    before emailing them.
  • Payment can be send either by using the PayPal link at the bottom or sending a
    cheque made out to the WPCSC to Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Canada, PO Box 119, Alliston, Ontario, L9R 1T9 (don’t forget to include the GST).

CLRC Pedigree Photos
$10.00 CAD per photo + GST