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Ambassador Awards


Welsh Ponies and Cobs often compete in open competitions in all disciplines against many other breeds
and very often, come out on top.

In order to recognize these “ambassadors” of the Welsh Breed, an award program was initiated in 2017
to recognize the ponies and cobs that compete outside of our regular breed shows. The Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Canada will present up to 10 awards per year.

CRITERIA – Updated June 2023

  1. These awards are available for Registered Purebred Welsh Ponies and Cobs, as well as registered
    Half-Welsh competing against other breeds in Open Shows, in all Disciplines (including, but not limited
    to Dressage, Pleasure Driving, CDE, Derby, Endurance, Eventing, Hunter/Jumper, Reining, Western Pleasure, Equitation, Para-Equestrian, etc.). Submissions from multiple disciplines are acceptable.
  2. The awards are open to Canadian Bred and Canadian-owned animals showing at Canadian shows.
    Ponies/cobs may be shown by more than one exhibitor, but only one submission per pony/cob is
  3. The pony or cob must be registered in the name of the current owner or registered in the name of the
    current leasee.
  4. The pony or cob may either have been placed at an Open Show organized by a Regional or Provincial
    Association in any discipline, or be a Year-End Champion of a Regional or Provincial Association.
    There must be a minimum of 3 entries in a class to count for submission. Please only submit your top six
    results from the year.
  5. A high-resolution photograph of your winning pony/cob must be included with your entry so it can be
    published in the Welsh in Canada newsletter.
  6. All ambassador award winners will receive a ribbon and a certificate.
  7. Forms can be downloaded from the Society website – or can be
    requested from the Society office –
  8. Submit your application form by post or email to the Society office by November 30th of the current
    year for review by the Ambassador Awards Committee. Award winners will be announced at the

NOTE: Open Shows are shows not restricted to the Welsh Breed. This means that you may not submit
results from Welsh breed classes.